A message from our Senior Pastor Ben Hakalitz





26th March 2020

Update on COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Good Evening Family,

I’m just wanting to give you a further update as to what we have planned for the church, as we navigate this storm.
Rest assured, that we are going to continue to speak the Word of God and sing praises to HIS glorious name! What’s ahead:

  • Monday to Thursday Nights – 6:45pm – 7:15pm – Facebook “LIVE” a time of Worship & lead into 7pm prayer to uplift and encourage
  • Friday Night – 7:00pm – 8:00pm – Combined Prayer via ZOOM platform
  • Saturday Morning – 6:00am – 7:00am – Church Prayer via ZOOM platform
  • Saturday Afternoon – 3:00pm – 5:00pm – French Service via Facebook “LIVE”
  • Sunday Morning – 10:00am – 12:00pm Communion Service via Facebook “LIVE”


If you’d like to be involved in our prayer meetings, please download the application ZOOM Cloud Meetings (on your phone or iPad) or ZOOM.US if using your computer. Please then PM our Facebook page or email llgccairns@gmail.com with the email address you have used for the app and your contact mobile phone number.

If you haven’t heard from one of your leaders, we may not have your up-to-date contact details. If that’s the case, please let us know your details so we can update the database.

We’ll do our upmost to keep you all connected until we can meet together again.

God bless
Ps. Janet Nangit

20th March 2020

Update on COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Dear Church Family,

As you may be aware the Prime Minister today announced further changes to the amount of people that are allowed in an indoor area from a maximum of 100 people, to 1 person every 4 square metres. What this basically means for Living Light Gospel Church is that based on the square footage of our building, we can have no more than 30 people at a time inside the building.

Please be advised of the following plan, which is effective immediately:

  • One service will occur on Sunday from 10am – 12 noon, that will be “LIVE” streamed on Facebook
  • As only 30 people can attend, we have requested the members of the Music Team, Pastors and Church Council to attend the service at 171 Lake St.
  • We encourage you to open up your homes or get together as families and watch the “LIVE” stream, share it on your Facebook page and be involved in the service(s)
  • Prayer meetings will increase as follows: Monday – Friday 7pm – 8pm (Papa Joe to open the church), Friday 6am – 7am (Ps. Janet to open the church), Friday night 10pm – 6am (All night prayer continues) and Saturday Morning 6am – 7am Church prayer. We encourage you to attend one prayer meeting or join us at home between those hours and pray
  • Youth Group is suspended at this time

This is an ever changing scenario, one which we’ve never had to navigate before, but one that we place our Faith,Hope and Trust in the Living God. We will keep you up to date as best as possible.

Again, this is not our intention to offend anyone, we do not do this because of lack of faith, we do this as we need to play our part in abiding by the law of the land. They haven’t said we are not to preach, so preach the WORD we will.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

God Bless,

Pastors Ben & Judith Hakalitz – Senior Pastors

Living Light Gospel Church Board.

18th March 2020

Update on COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Dear Church Family,

The Church Council convened an emergency meeting tonight to discuss a Contingency Plan for Living Light Gospel Church after the decision made by Qld Health and Prime Minister to limit indoor meetings to less than 100 people.

Please be advised of the following plan, which is effective immediately:

  • Two services will occur for Sunday Services 10am – 12 noon & 3pm – 5pm
  • There will be no Breakfast or Meals after services at this time
  • Maximum of 100 people at either service
  • Leaders given opportunity to open homes for “Homegroup” type of service, to show “LIVE” Stream, taking up tithes & offerings etc.
  • 10am – 12 noon – service to be “LIVE” streamed on Facebook – this will be the FULL SERVICE including notices so that everyone watching at home is aware of what is happening
  • It is requested that the Music Team, all Pastors and all Church Council attend both services
  • People can choose which service they would like to attend, however if we are at capacity, please don’t be offended if we need to turn you away
  • Prayer meetings, Home groups, Youth, Men’s and Ladies etc. will continue at this stage
  • Upper Room Café is suspended with the last day Thursday 19.03.2020
  • Sunday School is suspended at this time

We do this prayerfully and with Faith. We have a “Duty of Care” to every person that walks through the door.

Please be aware of the following:

“Your Pastor has never pastored a church through a pandemic before. When he opens, people are going to say he should have closed. When he closes, people are going to say he should have opened. When he does not shake hands people are going to say he needs faith. When he shakes hands, people are going to say he’s foolish. He’s going to make some difficult decisions to protect the flock, considering everything, from your spiritual growth to legal liabilities, that you aren’t even thinking about. Every Pastor believes that they pastor the most amazing group of people. REMEMBER THIS: No one wants things to go well at church as much as your Pastor(s). Your Pastor needs your prayers and support right now.”

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

God bless,

Pastors Ben & Judith Hakalitz – Senior Pastors

Living Light Gospel Church Board.

14th March 2020

Update on COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Dear Church Family,

We are very aware that the recent attention around COVID-19 (‘Coronavirus’) is of concern to people, especially to those whose health status brings greater vulnerability.

Living Light Gospel Church is deeply committed to the wellbeing of all people that are part of our church family and wider community. As a church we have and always will approach the matters of life with great faith. However, we also have a duty of care, and are committed to exercising due diligence to minimise any risk to those who we minister to.

For this reason, we respectfully ask that if you are experiencing any associated symptoms including fever, cough, runny nose or sore throat that you remain at home to rest. Living Light Gospel Church will stream “LIVE” on Facebook from 10am on Sunday with the Praise & Worship and the sermon. As always, sermons are also available via our Facebook Page, iTunes & Podomatic.

We would also like to make you aware of the following strategies, that Living Light Gospel Church has activated, to help minimise the transmission of viruses like CoVID-19:


Hand Sanitiser has been made available for use at the entry by our greeters. Use of hand sanitizer is strongly recommended to reduce the risk of transmission. Also, we suggest that you bring your own sanitiser and that you continue to take precautions by the frequent washing of your hands as well as using good/cough sneeze etiquette.


Door greeters will be instructed not to shake hands with people as they arrive or enter the service, but to still greet with a warm smile.


As an organisation we adhere to the current guidelines from QLD Health. If any staff member, volunteer or service attender becomes unwell onsite, appropriate measures will be implemented to avoid transmission including the possible request to leave and return home to rest.

Thank you for your understanding. We remain hopeful that this current matter will be short lived. We are people of faith who live our lives trusting in the Lord and His provision and protection: “blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him.” Jeremiah 17:7

Please also join us in praying for our nation, that this outbreak will be resolved quickly and the impacts both socially and economically, would be minimal. And continue to pray Psalm 91 over yourself and your loved ones.

In the meantime we will continue, as always, to implement measures that ensure Living Light Gospel Church remains a safe and healthy environment for people to enjoy!

Pastors Ben & Judith Hakalitz – Senior Pastors

Living Light Gospel Church Board.